Summer — The Busy Season of Tenant Turnover

Starting in Mid-August, the temperatures in the Boston-area begin to drop to the 50’s in the evenings. Football is in the air — go New England Patriots. Leaves begin to turn their greens into hues of gold, amber, and red. About this time the tenant turnover season is coming to an end along with summer. Summer is the busiest season for tenant turnovers because everyone wants to be settled into their new living space before Labor Day weekend arrives.

As tenants move into their newly leased homes or apartments, they are gearing up for shorter commutes, new employment opportunities, and a better quality of living situation based on location. If you are one of these going through this transition, here are a few tips to make the adjustment a little easier:

1. Organize your belongings based upon the room where they belong. Kitchen items are boxed and labeled as “kitchen”, bedroom items labeled “bedroom,” bathroom labeled “bathroom,” and so forth.

2. Check all nooks and crannies for your belongings. Remember to also check common areas, outbuildings, basements, garages, and storage spaces. Once all your possessions are packed, clean your space and leave it sparkling. 

3. Plan your move-out/move-in day. Coordinate with friends and family to form a team who is ready to assist you with your move.

4. Drop off your keys to your property manager and/or pick up your keys from your property manager! Coordinate the start or end of any utilities and complete an exit interview form to ensure prompt return of any security deposit.

5. Unpack based on your clearly labeled boxes. And enjoy your smooth transition into your newly leased space!


Infante Property Management has helped transition thousands of tenants in and out of our properties over the years. We communicate with our tenants throughout the process. Complete a tenant application today if you are looking for a new rental space.