Maplewood Insurance Information

Maplewood Condominium Association
Master Insurance Policy Documents

Kovalev Insurance Agency of Newton is pleased to represent the Master Insurance Policy for Maplewood Condominium Association.

In order for you to better understand the policy and its coverages, Kovalev has summarized the coverage of the Master Policy in a letter for Maplewood Owners.

Download PDF insurance letter
Download Insurance Letter for Maplewood Owners

Please read it carefully and contact Kovalev if you have any questions. They can be reached through the website or by email or by telephone 617-562-6060.

Master Insurance Policy and Certificate of Insurance


If you need a copy of the Master Insurance Policy or a Certificate of Insurance, you can download them here.

Download PDF insurance info
Download Instructions to Access the Master Insurance Policy

Download PDF insurance info
Download Certificate of Insurance

Contact Kovalev Insurance


You can also contact Kovalev directly at or at You may also fax your request to 617-562-0990. Please include the following information in your request.

  • Name and address of the condo association
  • Legal name and unit # of the owner(s)
  • Loan number and certificate holder name (lender), address, city, state, zip code and fax or email address for delivery

You can contact Kovalev Insurance Agency anytime via the website or by email or by telephone 617-562-6060.