Maplewood Condominium

Rules & Regulations

(Effective September 1st, 2021)


Please take a moment to review the condominium rules & regulations for Maplewood in preparation for Memorial Day weekend.

  • OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES: Outside activities, including but not limited to Barbecuing, are NOT PERMITTED. “There shall be no organized sports activities, skate boarding, picknicking or fires”.


  • SMOKING: Smoking of any kind is prohibited inside the buildings.


  • ALCOHOL: Drinking of alcohol and/or loitering in the common areas is prohibited.


  • TRASH & CLEANLINESS: Littering  or improper disposal of trash in common areas, either indoors or outdoors, is prohibited.


  • WINDOWS: No exterior shades, awnings, window guards or AC’s will be used in or about the units. (Units already have AC units installed, no additional AC’s permitted).

All items listed above are subject to fines ($). Have a good Memorial Weekend!

Infante Property Management