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Our Goal:  Stress Free Owners and Happy Tenants


Building Maintenance – Your property will be operating efficiently at all times.  It will be clean.  The yard will be neat.  The systems will be updated as required. We will take care of any improvements you prefer.  Infante is: Taking Care of Your InvestmentTM

Lease Agreements – Prepare and customize Lease Agreements tailored to your property. No Pets Preferred – No Problem.

Financial Reports – You will receive Monthly reports on the property along with your net check.  Your bills will be paid. Your property will be maintained and accounted for.  You will be stress free and your tenants will be happy.

Preferred Vendors – Infante has an extensive team of experts.  We do not mark up our maintenance bills to the owner.  The price is the price.  We pay our vendors right away and they show up whenever we need them. They are trustworthy group and they are key partners to the Infante Team.

Property Inspections – You will receive property inspection updates within 24 hours of a storm.  Your property will be inspected by-monthly at a minimum. Infante is: Taking Care of Your InvestmentTM

Rental Listing Analysis – Are you a new client to Infante? Do you need assistance with what the market projects your property to rent for?  This is part of our fee based Tenant Placement Package.

Rent Collection – When the signed lease says payment by the 1st of the Month. Payment is on the first.  Each new tenant is met with face to face for lease review and signature.  The expectations are clear.  The consequences for lease violation are clear as well.

Tenant Placement – Infante offers fee based qualified tenant placement.  Infante uses the latest technologies simultaneously – from rental agents within the community to social media – to ensure minimal vacancy periods and always presenting qualified tenants for your choice.